Our high quality trucks are all manufactured according to your needs since 2014. We produce 7.5t to 22t vehicles with several layouts. We also have a type truck which has all the important features you going to need for horse transport and competitions on the budget. 

We produce horse vans with high quality and low curb weights in 2 types. A longer type with more storage space (2550kg) and a shorter type with less storage space (2300kg). Both types have the same horse compartment. 



The trailers are manufactured for a maximum of 3 horses and 3.5t. It has a big storage compartment in the front. 


Get your motor-home to another level. With our luxury trucks you have the opportunity to take a small car in the garage in the truck and extend the space with slide-outs. The interior made of cream leather, selected timber advanced smart home systems and more. If you wish we can also design it with architects and interior designers. 

We have several tiny house designs with a detachable trailer that is compatible with al of our modules like: horse trailer, boat trailer etc. If you wish to know more, please visit our other website, dedicated to our tiny houses: www.sustinyhouse.com 



Our new horse trailer is suited for 2 horses and 4 people in the living compartment. It has a pop-up tent therefore it creates more space for seasonal competitions.  

We design and build custom made food trucks. Either its a van or trailer we can start the design process with your requirements and build it in our factory. 


If you are a dreamer to travel, but you want something else, than a camper, but you dont have the know-hows to turn it int a DIY project. We design your van and also manufacture the living area.


Our spa model is made with a detachable trailer. The model includes an exterior hot-tub, a sauna for 7 and a shower.


Our new racer trailer is suited up to 4 bikes and 4 people in the living compartment. It has a pop-up tent therefore it creates more space for seasonal competitions and recreations. 


Our new boat trailer is suited to transport small and medium size boats. It is compatible with our other modules designed to our detachable trailer.

Dimensions: 7x2,5x0,65m 

Curb weight:650kg

Max permitted weight:3500kg


We build custom made motor-homes and campers. Despite having a standard model we focus on customer needs and preferences. So if you have an idea about how you would like to have your camper, we can help you with the design and construction phase.


Our detachable trailer is capable of transporting ISO 20 containers. Rather spending a lot of money on a professional transporter or truck rental, now it is something you can do yourself.

Dimensions: 7x2,5x0,65m 

Curb weight:630kg

Max permitted weight:3500kg


We offer on site service or for you vehicles if something brakes down during competition. If you are prepared for a maintenance or reparation you can also welcomed to bring your vehicle to our factory.